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Payment & Security Conditions:

(The following applies to original art purchases, instalment plans and commissions)

  1. ​Full payment in advance will be firstly encouraged.

  2. Instalment plans are available within reason and approval.

  3. Finished artwork will not be sent out to the client for any reason without the full payment received plus the required shipment cost. 

  4. Any payments made are non-refundable when the commitment is made or/and the artwork is complete. This includes instalment payments and/or full payments of confirmed orders, also including collated instalment plans. By confirming and making your payment, you are obliging to our terms & conditions. 

  5. With agreement to your art purchase or commission you are accepting to oblige and commit to the arrangements made.

  6. Following the point above, by accepting arrangements you are agreeing to pay the full amount for your original art or commission. When we approve and initiate instalment plans or/and sales or/and commissions, we are paying KCA Team artists outright to provide you a specialist service, therefore please note instalment plans are here to help you, not us. Please review point 4.

  7. Under no circumstance will you pay less than the final, agreed total for confirmed original art, commissions, or full instalment plans of multiple original art pieces.

  8. Shipment prices will be calculated separately and will require payment before we send.

  9. Payments must be received on or before due day. If we do not hear from you on or before due day, we will enter our 2 week exception period. If we do not receive payment, or if we do not hear from you, within this time, orders and/or full instalment plans will be considered cancelled. Please see point 4 for cancellations. 

  10. We offer full insurance and security for all transactions with us. If you have a specific time-frame, you are to inform us of the date in advance. Payments are not refundable when the artwork is underway or already completed.

  11. We will always state an expected date for your commission to be complete. However, please also take into consideration that artists have many commitments, and on some occasions have to put editorial work with major publishers before commissions. Sometimes editors can give very short notice for publication work with very short deadlines. We will always do our best to keep you updated, and we will always respond to any queries within 24 hours.

  12. If you have a problem or concern at any time, simply communicate with us. We are always available and quick to respond to any queries. We are here to help you!

  13. Above all, we want to ensure that we have a happy clientele and happy artists. It is our role to try and meet in the middle, offer you full insurance and security, and we will always do our very best to exceed your requests and expectations.

Artist & Commission Conditions:

  1. Please note that paying for A commission, you are paying for THE commission, and the amount of time and effort put into a bespoke piece.

  2. A commission payment is not to be considered a payment for a finished piece, depending on if it passes your expectations at the end. We do also cater for a clientele that prefer to only buy finished pieces of artwork only. Shop now to see what original art is currently for sale by our artists. 

  3. In some cases (but not all), an artist will offer a concept study of your commission to be approved. You are welcome to request this only at the initial point when you are planning your commission with us, and we will in advance inform you whether or not this is possible for your commission request. Some artists will prefer to go in their own direction, not to detriment their own creativity.

  4. If after an artist has started your commission, you then request for a concept study, this request will not be accepted, as the artist will have already begun your piece. To clarify, this is only to be requested at first contact, when planning your commission, for us to inform you whether or not this is possible.

  5. Commission prices may alter depending on the complexity and size of your commission request. The artist has the right at all times to set a price they see suitable based on your request. This will be discussed prior to agreeing the commission.

  6. The artist is to be expected to put their own vision into perspective, along with any points stated or requested. Any minor details given may or may not be altered to suit the vision of the artist.

  7. It is understandable to have expectations when planning a commission, and sometimes you may have an idea in mind, but when planning a commission, it is to be taken into consideration that you are commissioning the artist because you love their work and trust them with your commission.

  8. An artist is entitled to take their own direction at all times.

  9. Artists reserves the right to refuse commissions on content and preference (for whatever reason).

  10. If you are a collector that has to know what you are buying first, please consider carefully before arranging a commission. We would recommend in most cases that you only buy finished art to avoid any complications. We also have many completed art pieces for sale on our shop website, to cater for collectors that only wish to buy a finished piece or published art.

  11. If on a very rare occasion you are not happy with the finished artwork, you are obliged by this agreement to complete full payment for your commission.

  12. As artist representatives we aim to make a client delighted with the finished art, and we eagerly aim to showcase our artists with pride. There is no better feeling than someone being overjoyed with the final outcome.

  13. Artists commit a lot of time and effort to give you a bespoke piece of art. In return, the artist you commission will aim to go above and beyond to satisfy your expectations.

  14. The person who commissions the artwork only owns the artwork itself, and does not maintain the rights to the artwork. The rights 100% belong to the artist for it to be used thereafter on printed materials or publications. 

CGC Sketch Cover Commission Conditions:

  1. All above conditions apply under Payment & Security Conditions and Artist & Commission conditions.

  2. We do not offer CGC grade guarantees on sketch cover commissions.

  3. An artist may work on your sketch cover in a way they see best to complete the art to the best of their ability.

  4. Please note that you are paying for the art and not a CGC grade when paying for a sketch cover commission.

  5. When your sketch cover commission is complete, the sketch cover will then be sent to CGC. The expected time-frame when at CGC is an additional 6/8 weeks, unless you opt for a fast track method.

  6. When your sketch cover returns from CGC, we will then send it out to you ASAP, considering you have completed the full payment. In some cases, if you live in the US, we can arrange for CGC to send directly to you to reduce the shipment cost for US customers.

  7. We are not permitted to give you grading information prior to sending, or provide further grading information when you have received. We offer no CGC grading guarantee on sketch cover commissions.

  8. Following points previously made in these terms and conditions, if you are a collector that prefers to see a finished piece before buying, we have plenty of CGC sketch covers available for sale on our shop website, and plenty of opportunities to buy completed sketch covers in the future. Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook group page.

Convention Commission Conditions:

  1. If you request a convention commission to be sent to you after the convention, full payment will be required prior to the starting date of the convention. If the full payment is not received prior to the convention, the artist will not proceed with your commission and you will be fully refunded for any payments made prior. 

  2. If you request a commission at the convention, immediate payment will be expected at the table before any artist begins your commission. 

  3. If you request a commission prior to the convention and wish to pay at the convention, you will need to pay a 50% upfront payment to secure your commission. 

  4. All other above conditions apply under Artist & Commission conditions. 

  5. If you arrange for a collection at a convention and do not pickup your commission from our booth when arranged (unless informed) within the duration of the show, we will charge the shipping fee + a service charge of £10.00. We will not ship your commission until this payment is made and no refunds are permitted. We will also not be eligible to make rearrangements for collection at a future show. 

Please take note that payments for commissions do not go into our pockets. We have to pay our artists for the work they spend hours, days, and in some cases, weeks on, especially for you. The same also applies to readily available artwork that you are committing to buy. 

If you agree to a commission or original art purchase with Kirby's Comic Art, you are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions above.

We look forward to helping you to get a dream commission or piece of original art readily available by one of your favourite artists, represented by Kirby's Comic Art.

For any further information in regards to art commissions or these terms and conditions, please contact Annabel at

Thank you for reading,



Annabel Jane Kirby

Owner & Founder

Kirby's Comic Art

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